Basement Finishing Contractor in New Jersey

Elevate Your Basement, Discover the Art of Revitalizing Your Space Beneath

finish basement in new jersey

Basement Finishing New Jersey

At Lee Sheetrock Home Remodeling we specialize in all the processes necessary to finished basement. We will take care of everything to ensure top quality. We will handle everything to make sure the quality is top-notch.

Our team will take care of permits, drawings, and documents. You can relax knowing that we will do our best. We also provide a warranty for all our work.

Lee Sheetrock Home Remodeling is licensed in New Jersey and fully insured with workers’ compensation coverage.

Trust The Experts At Lee Sheetrock Home Remodeling with Your new jersey Basement Finishing.

We Have The Knowledge And Experience You Are Looking to finish your basement For 100% Guaranteed!!!!

Basement Contractor New Jersey

We follow all local and national construction rules in the US for our work on sheetrock home remodeling. We always stay updated on the latest codes and standards to be leaders in our field.

The Key to Basement Remodeling Success: Choosing the Right Contractor

Let’s explore the possibilities of elevating your home through our unparalleled New Jersey Basement Remodeling services. 
finishing basement new jersey

Finish Basement UNDER $10.000 / 1000 SQFT From $10,000

Basement Remodeling vs. Finishing: Unveiling the Distinctions

Dive into the distinctions between basement remodeling and finishing. While finishing adds a polished touch, remodeling involves transformative upgrades that redefine the entire aesthetic and functionality of the space.

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Transforming Your Space: with professionals in New Jersey Basement Finishing

Are you considering a finished basement Nj? You’re not alone! Many homeowners across the state are discovering the incredible potential of their basements, and with the right guidance, you can turn your underutilized space into something truly remarkable.

In this comprehensive guide, we, the experts at Lee Sheetrock Home Remodeling, will walk you through everything you need to know about basement remodeling.

From understanding the price involved to navigating the permitting process and identifying the most expensive parts of finishing a basement, this article will provide all the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

We offer in New Jersey basement remodeling mastered services, the top general contractor for the transformation of your basement include insulation, framing, drywall, & much more

basement finishing

Start Your Best Finish Basement Project with the friendly contractors in the New Jersey area

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We can take on the Basement finish, with leadership and responsibility, we will visit your home, to collect information about the basement, and we can clarify doubts and all your questions about the process of Finishing your basement, materials to use, delivery times, and technical processes. We will 100% guarantee a process tailored to your needs to obtain the best results in your Basement renovation. 

You deserve to work with certified and approved contractors, we comply with all technical and legal requirements in basement finishing processes in New Jersey.

What Our Clients Say about Our Services!! some testimonies Basement Remodeling Services New Jersey
review basement remodeling contractor

had an excellent experience with Lee Home remodel. Very professional, wonderful team to work with. Hard-working, cleaned up everything very nicely, The basement looks very nice, everything is in place and working perfectly....

Finished Basement NJ

West Windsor, Basement Finished
review basement remodeling contractor

Lee SheetRock did a fantastic job on my basement! They were very professional and timely. They handled everything from the dry wall to the flooring and painting.Their rates are also very reasonable....

New Jersey Basement remodeling

Mercer County New Jersey Basement Remodeling
review basement remodeling contractor

Great customer service — the owner checked in with me after the job was finished and made sure I was satisfied with everything. A very positive experience with this company..........

Basement Finishing New Jersey

Basement Finishing in new jersey
review basement remodeling contractor

We love the basement.Lee’s team were professional and a pleasure to work with. Patient, flexible and accommodated our schedules.Workmanship is excellent. I would be engaging Lee for my upcoming job again.

Basement Contractor New Jersey

Finishing Basement NJ
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